2 min read: Why real estate agents overprice your home

See, people don't really want to be told the truth. They want me to lie to them by telling them their home is worth much more than what it is actually worth. They want me to tell them their home is perfect just the way it is. And because of that mentality, this is why the real estate industry has such a bad reputation, in my opinion because there are those real estate agents who just don't care.


When I talk with people and ask them who sold their home, they respond by saying "XYZ Realty sold my home" and after further research, I find that its simply not true. When I inform the person that "XYZ didn't sell their home, they look at me like I have 10 heads. "What do you mean, … Continue reading WHO SOLD MY HOME?

“Brian Buffini Destroyed My Career”

"Brian Buffini destroyed any chance at a career I may have had" is one response an agent posted after reading this article http://mattgosselin.wordpress.com/2007/08/31/why-brian-buffini-is-ripping-you-off/written by: Matthew S. Gosselin. So, I thought it might be a good idea and a good way to start out the week to find out what the masses would say about Brian Buffini and … Continue reading “Brian Buffini Destroyed My Career”

Common Realtor Myths

By Renee Porsia, Real Estate Girl I thought some humor was needed so I wanted to address some common misconceptions about Realtors®: Realtors® are between the ages of 60-100 Realtors® are chauffeurs Realtors® are therapists Realtors® wear tweed suits or skirts; well, that we all love tweed Realtors® are in the top 1% world-wide as … Continue reading Common Realtor Myths