Do you need an attitude adjustment? Chances are, that you just might.

Very recently, I have come to realize that our attitude plays a very important role in what goes on in our lives. I say very recently because I didn’t exactly grow up with the most positive of role models. Sorry Mom, Dad.

Everyone has those days when absolutely everything is going wrong, you wake up in the morning and spill your morning coffee on yourself then you get in your car and some hot headed driver cuts you off and infuriates you and then the rest of your day doesn’t get any better. Why? Well, I have come to believe that it is our attitude and the attitudes of those around us.

I wanted to test my theory so I have been doing my very best to be extremely positive about everything in my life no matter what. I am trying to be around only positive people, which turns out is quite a challenge in itself, and I am putting out there what I want to be. We create our own reality. In doing this, I have found that things have been getting better, having more good days than bad and I have been in a much better mood.

So, how is your attitude? How are the attitudes of the people around you? Are you the type of person who always sees the negative in just about everything and everyone? Are your friends negative? If so, why not test my theory.

If you want to be more successful in your career, why not think of yourself in that position already. Carry around a notebook and every day write in it what you would be doing during that day if you actually had that new career or were in that new position. What would that new position involve? For example, “heading out for a business meeting.” You will be surprised at how your mind starts to think and how motivated you become.

Do you have have goals? If so, what are you doing to keep track of them? Write them down. In the begining of every year, I write down my goals for the new year and at the end of every year, I take them out and see what I have accomplished and am always quite surprised to see that I do accomplish a lot of what I set out to do.

Do you want a better life for yourself? What do you have to do to have that better life? Write it down, change your attitude, surround yourself with positive, like-minded people and most of all, do something about it. Sitting around saying “oh, I’m too old” or ” I can’t do that” is just negative,harmful thinking. You are the key to your own success.

It’s a brand new year, a clean slate, you can control your own destiny and a positive attitude goes a long way and so can you!


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