Barb Corcoran Is My Hero

If you do not know who Barb Corcoran is and you are in real estate, what rock are you hiding under. Barb Corcoran is in my eyes, one of the most successful, inspiring women that ever entered into the real estate market.

Getting straight Ds in high school and college and having had twenty jobs by the time she was 23 would make anyone wonder why I would admire someone with such credentials.

But, that is just what made me take notice of this amazing, successful, smart, funny woman.

I read her book, If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails, a national best seller and she sounded a lot like me.

Real estate is never a smooth ride. It has a lot of ups and downs and it can really mess with your emotions. Reading Mrs. Corcoran’s book made me realize to not take myself so seriously and that you really can become successful no matter what. It’s all in the way you look and handle situations. You can either see your glass as half full or half empty.

Mrs. Corcoran’s book is full of humorous, motivating stories of her life growing up in a big family and not having a lot but really having everything. The book is really all about her mother’s wisdom and what effect it eventually had on her life.

I found myself not being able to put the book down and feeling so inspired. It was at that point that I knew, no matter what the real estate industry throws at me, or life for that matter, I can succeed.

Barb Corcoran really is my hero and someone that I look up to.

If you haven’t read Mrs. Corcoran’s book, I highly suggest picking it up. I know you will be inspired as well and will have a lot of laughs and can’t we all use a few laughs in these tough times.


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