Tweeting my Business One Tweet at a Time on Twitter.

Lately, I’ve been tweeting like a banshee. When I tell people that I’ve been busy working and tweeting their response is what is tweeting?

Tweeting in my opinion is just a bunch of status updates that people post all day long. It’s actually no different than Facebook in the sense that Facebook asks what’s on your mind and Twitter asks what are you doing?

What is different about Twitter than Facebook is that instead of friend requests, you can choose to follow people’s tweets. Some people’s tweets are protected and you have to ask permission of the person to view their tweets. I actually like it better than Facebook’s friend requests because the term “friend” on Facebook is used to loosely and you have those who simply want to have a million people want to be their “friend” but then talk to no one and in my opinion, that is just someone who craves attention or wants “celebrity” status and if that is the case the person needs a fan page instead of a page where the main theme is, can I be your friend?

I’ve met a lot of people on Twitter and have grown my social network immensely. Yes there are celebrities on Twitter and they tweet all day long and some even tweet back at you.

It’s a great place to promote just about anything. I use it to promote myself and my real estate business. But, you can’t tweet all business and no play so I tweet about my day, bad or good. If I have an opinion about something, I don’t mind expressing myself.

I have to say that since I have started tweeting, my business has grown by leaps and bounds. The traffic to my website has increased greatly. My blog has received a huge amount of attention and I have been getting requests for interviews about my blog.

Be aware though, if you start to tweet, it will become addicting and you will find that everything you do will become a tweet of some sort and can get on people’s nerves. For me, whenever I am somewhere doing something, even getting my morning coffee, I tweet while in line.

People have used Twitter to express the bad customer service they receive. Don’t laugh, companies take consumer tweets very serious and in fact big companies such ast At&T, Comcast and Starbucks just to mention a few, even tweet and if they see someone twuining their reputation, they will attempt to make restitution for that consumer who did the tweeting.

Tweeting is becoming all the craze and I think its great. Here a tweet, ,there a tweet, everywhere a tweet, tweet.

So, I ask the question, do you tweet? If not, jump on the twagon (sorry, I tried) and find out what all the buzz is all about.

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