Life Gets In The Way

It’s a real shame how we seem to get side tracked away from our dreams. Life some how always gets in the way. We lose our motivation and eventually the dream becomes an after thought and the after thought becomes an if only. Sad really.


2 thoughts on “Life Gets In The Way

  1. middleagedplague says:

    Dreams are not fixed things — as we move toward them, they change as the circumstances around us change. The Norwegian Artist and I, in 27 years of marriage, have found over and over again that our initial dreams have to die first, then be resurrected in a new, better form. The process of getting there, as well, changes us and makes us deeper people.

    If you have a dream that still burns within you, then keep hoping and trying for it. If something inside of you still longs for what that dream can fulfill, then it’s not to late to keep reaching. Maybe the result will be different from what you envisioned years ago, but it will be worth it.

    The best to you. Don’t give up.


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