Realtor’s With A Lot of Listings Good For Realtors’ Not Good For Home Owners

Sad that most people don’t really get the concept of what a Realtor does. Everyone thinks they know and most will even make comments like “my Realtor didn’t do anything for me. They didn’t bring anyone by to see my house” “oh, use so and so, they are a good Realtor, I see their signs all over my neighborhood.” “Its a great time to sell but not a good time to buy.” “The real estate market is horrible right now.” Oh, and they ask questions like “are you going to have open houses once you list my house.” And they will make demands such as “you will be here whenever there is a showing!” Seriously? Fact is, if people really understood the real estate market or what a Realtor’s role really is, such comments, statements and demands would never be made.

It’s funny because I talk to people all the time and I ask them questions to get an idea and an understanding for the way people think and know about Realtors and what I have found is that most people know nothing about what a Realtor is, does, doesn’t do, why we do what we do, why it’s important to hire one and what is most disturbing to me is that most do not care.

I asked the question, “do you think a Realtor is good if you see a lot of their for sale signs in your neighborhood?” What I found out is that, yes, people equate “for sale” signs to mean “good” Realtor. I also asked what people thought about the Realtor who has a lot of listings? What I found is that people equate lots of listings to mean “good” Realtor. This saddens me because
the public has been deceived for years and brainwashed into this type of thinking.

Fact, a Realtor who has a lot of for sale signs in an area or neighborhood means that they know a lot of people, take a lot of over priced listings because they just do not know how to say “no” when faced with confrontation from the seller who thinks their home is worth more than anyone else’s which also means they are not a good negotiator which means they won’t be doing you any favors when faced with an offer from a buyer. Why? Because they can’t say “no.” It means that they can’t get rid of the homes they already have. Now I know that a lot of Realtors who have a lot of for sale signs in an area or neighborhood like to tell people that it’s great advertising for you and other listings will help sell your listing. Ok and if you believe that, I have some swamp land I’d like to sell you. The only person who it’s good for is the Realtor because their phone rings and they get more business which means that they take more listings to add to their already big black hole of listings they can’t sell. How is the fact that a Realtor who has two listings on the same street going to help them sell each other? What it’s going to do is force one owner to take a lower offer because I’m sure one of those two over priced homes doesn’t have something the other does so a buyer will compare, and choose the lessor of two evils and once the one home sells for less, what do you think the other owner will eventually have to do, right, lower their price the longer it sits. Come on now, how does this not make sense? How can people not get this or understand this? What is that Realtor going to do differently with your listing that they haven’t been able to do with all the others? Wake up people.

The goal is to hire the Realtor who knows what they are doing, has a plan to get your home sold quickly, for the highest price the market will allow. Not guess at a price, not give in to a price, not wait for a price.

What needs to happen is for people to stop this “old school” way of thinking, ask questions of the Realtor who you are considering hiring and when you ask those questions, take time to listen. If you want to seriously sell your home, you need to be motivated to sell and none of this “oh, we have some time.” What time? Time for your home to sit in the abyss of all the other over priced homes of that Realtor with all the other owners who also said they had “time” and eventually become just another statistic? We all have time people but it’s what you do with that time that matters most because the one thing you can’t do is get time or money back once it’s gone. Time is money people. This all makes sense if you really take some time to think about it.

So, the next time you see a lot of for sale signs in your area, ask yourself if you want to be that Realtor’s next advertisement or do you want to be some other Realtor’s sale?


One thought on “Realtor’s With A Lot of Listings Good For Realtors’ Not Good For Home Owners

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