What The News Media Isn’t Telling You About The Real Estate Market

By Renee Porsia, Real Estate Girl

Hey guess what, interest rates are as low as 3.5%, homes prices are not “low” they are actually realistic for once but have you heard that on your local or national news?

Have you heard today that “U.S. stocks rose the most in more than a month as better-than-estimated growth in American and Chinese manufacturing bolstered confidence in the global economic recovery?” according to Bloomberg.com.

Have you heard today that “We got good economic news on the manufacturing side and on the employment side,” said Michael Binger, a Minneapolis-based fund manager at Thrivent Asset Management, which oversees about $70 billion. “There’s a sigh of relief among the long-only funds and the short-sellers are saying that maybe the sell-off is over. That’s why we get this explosion in the market after the mostly negative economic data from the U.S. throughout the summer?” also according to Bloomberg.com. No! Instead all you constantly hear about morning, noon and night is about foreclosures, short sales, double dip recession, high unemployment rate, consumer confidence is low, the President’s approval rating is low, the worlds coming to a bleeping end. Consider the source people! They keep telling you all this bad news to keep you tuning in. If they told you all day long that everything is all sunshine and rainbows would you keep tuning in? No. Does anyone even know what all of this actually means anyway or do you just hear it, repeat it like a parrot and then keep feeding on it? It’s a travesty.

The news isn’t going to come on tonight and say “but the big story on Action News tonight is interest rates are the lowest they’ve ever been in and this could quite possibly be the best real estate market in history so get out there make that purchase and sell that house.” “And in other news, 1234 Happy Acre Lane put in a speed bump.” It’s just never going to happen.

If the news does happen to have something positive to tell us, they make quick mention of it and then it’s on to something negative because they don’t want to end on something that could actually give us hope and make us happy do they?

I for one am over all of this bad news. It’s not good for anyone and certainly doesn’t motivate anyone to want to go out and make big purchases such as a home and as long as they keep fueling the proverbial fire, the economy is not going to get any better. I think I am going to stop watching the news for a while and encourage all of you to do the same and lets see if we have the wherewithal to think for ourselves. I’m guessing we can and will be better off.

I welcome any comments.

Renee Porsia is an Associate Broker with RE/MAX Action Realty and Author.

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One thought on “What The News Media Isn’t Telling You About The Real Estate Market

  1. Enterprise Wood Products says:

    It would be interesting if just for 1 day, all news sources were only allowed to report good news. There’s enough good things going on, so they certainly wouldn’t have trouble filling their paper or tv time slot. Would people listen? I’m with you…I’m over all this bad news! We’ve seen a fair amount of people remodeling their existing home. Buy, sell, fix it up…whatever, but a house is a top-notch investment!


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