Breaking News-Today’s Interest Rates Fall To Record Breaking 0.00%

By Renee Porsia, Real Estate Girl

Yea okay and Brad Pitt dumped Angelina Jolie for me!

If you are waiting to see that headline on the front page of your local newspaper, or hear it on Fox news, CNN or MSNBC, don’t hold your breath because it’s never going to happen but interest rates are extremely low. In fact, rates haven’t been this low since 1946.  According to, today rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage are 4.50% which is up from last week from 4.33%.

If you have been thinking of buying or selling a home or both but thought that rates were too high and so were home prices, it may not get any better than this. Get out there and talk with your Realtor® today and ask for an estimated buyer closing cost sheet. This extremely valuable tool will be just what the doctor ordered. It provides you with every cost involved in buying a home. If you are a seller, never fear, there is also a goody for you too. It’s called (take a wild guess. It’s free) that’s right a seller closing cost sheet.

You can also get what is called a good faith estimate from a reputable mortgage consultant which provides  you with every cost involved in obtaining a mortgage which is also an extremely valuable tool to help with your buying or selling decision. Your Realtor® can also help you obtain one of these as well.

If you have been sitting on the fence waiting for the real estate market to “get better”, it’s time to take that leap off and do something about it or you will wind up just sitting there watching it all pass you by.

Call your Realtor® today and start asking questions because that’s what we are here for. So, go ahead, pick up your phone and start dialing, you know you want to!

I’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have. Simply post in the comment section.

Renee Porsia is an Associate Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Action Realty and published Author.


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