If You Are Not Looking To Buy Or Sell A Home, Call A Realtor

By Renee Porsia, Real Estate Girl

If you are thinking of looking for a new home or selling your current home and you are now thinking about finding a Realtor, it’s too late.  Seriously. Now, all you will be doing is rushing to find someone and you will wind up making a bad decision.

So, you might be saying “so, when is the right time to find a Realtor?” Glad you asked. The time to find a Realtor is when you are not thinking of selling or buying a home.  Since you are not in a hurry to find a home or put your home on the market, you will have time to ask around to friends, family or co-workers if they have had a great experience with a Realtor or know someone who has and if they do not know of any good Realtors, you can search the internet on such sites as Trulia or Zillow.  You can then take time to meet with and talk with a few different Realtors to see which one you feel comfortable with, go on Trulia or Zillow and ask questions and then read the answers of the Realtors who answer them to see which Realtor’s answers you like and then start to build a relationship with one and when you are ready to either buy, sell or know someone who is, you will have your Realtor to use or refer.

You might also be asking “what can a Realtor do for me if I am not buying or selling?” Another great question. While you are building this relationship, you can find out how much your current home is worth, what other homes in your immediate area have sold for recently and how long homes have been on the market.  You should always know how much your home is worth or isn’t worth. You can also talk with the Realtor about the different types of representation there is and what it means to you?  You can contact the Realtor with all of your real estate type questions. Want to know if its a good time to refinance, need a home equity line of credit, need the name of a good plumber, contractor, electrician, your Realtor is a great source for referrals. You can read your Realtor’s blog. Any good, tech savvy Realtor has a blog these days to keep their current clients informed as well as potential new clients.

Realtors are not only there for you to help you find a home or sell your home. I know that I am here for all of my clients needs. I call my clients after they’ve purchased or sold their home. Why would I do this? I know they are not buying a new home or selling another home any time soon. I call them to let them know that I am still there for them to answer any real estate question they might have, to let them know they can call me any time and that I didn’t just disappear after they purchased their home.

It really bothers me that people only think of Realtors when they are about to do something. We have a wealth of knowledge and would love to share it with you. People know who their doctor is, their hairdresser, lawyer and if anyone they know was in need of a doctor or hairdresser, they would not hesitate to refer them to who they use. People should know the name of their Realtor the same way and without hesitation.

So, if you are not thinking of buying or selling a home in the near future, give me a call and I will be happy to not list your home or sell you a home but instead, build a life long relationship with you.

Renee Porsia is an Associate Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Action Realty and published Author.


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