Today Show and Barbara Corcoran Tank Entire Real Estate Market

According to TODAY show correspondent and real estate guru Barbara Corcoran,” home owners should take their homes off the market right now” because “there are no buyers out there… and put them back on the market after the Superbowl.”  Really Barbara?  I was a huge fan of yours but it seems that since you sold your $70 million dollar corporation, you seem to be out of touch with the actual real estate industry that made you who you are and where you came from. Maybe you need to re-read your best selling book, If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails. Telling a syndicated audience of a number 1 national morning news broadcast, The TODAY Show, to take their homes off the market until after the Superbowl is a disparagement and simply, bad advice.

We can all agree that the market is already saturated with with overpriced homes that  cannot sell. If everyone took your advice and took their homes off the market until Superbowl Sunday, only to re-list it Monday morning, wouldn’t it cause an even worse situation flooding the market even more? This could cause home values to drastically plummet due to so many competing home owners putting their home on the market all at the same time.  This would also probably cause the MLS‘ to crash!  It would be the coming of the Apocalypse for the IT Department at  

Times have changed. People can tell that a home was previously on the market and can see how long and how much etc., thanks to the Multiple Listing Services so your advice to just take their homes off the market doesn’t do anyone any good. You can’t deceive the public as you could when the Multiple Listing Service or Broker reciprocity didn’t exist.

Not all home buyers schedule their home-buying agenda around the Superbowl and not all home buyers are men. According to the rate of female home buyers is increasingly on the rise. I am not saying that only men watch the Superbowl but to tank an entire industry for a 3 hour football “game”  is as ridiculous as it sounds.  Maybe home owners should all take their homes off the market until after Groundhog Day, Flag Day or how about National Hug Day???  Where does it end Barbara?

Barbara, my best real estate advice to you, stick to Shark Tank and and stop trying to “tank” the real estate market!

Renee Porsia is an expert Realtor with RE/MAX Action. If you would like to read more of Renee’s articles, visit her at


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