Can You Fire Your Realtor®?

I was surprised to learn that a lot of home owners didn’t know that they could fire their Realtor®.  After all, the Realtor® was hired by the home owner so why wouldn’t they be able to fire them?

Listen up, you can fire the “broker” which is actually who you are hiring when you work with a Realtor® or real estate agent (there is a difference) if they are not doing the job that your hired them to do which leads me to point out that most home owners are not aware of what the job of the listing agent actually is and can lead to much frustration which is the main reason the home owner wants to fire the Realtor® in the first place.

If you want to fire your Realtor®, I would say, first read the listing agreement that you signed when you hired the Broker to see if it specifies what the Broker’s duties are and you can also see when the agreement expires.  If the agreement doesn’t specify what the duties are and didn’t expire, turn to the Consumer Notice that the Realtor® provided to you when you first met to review what the duties of the selling agent are. If you are still miffed, give your Realtor® a call, schedule a meeting and come right out and ask him/her.  If you are still not satisfied, you should contact that Broker of Record, schedule an appointment to meet with him/her and express your dissatisfaction.  If after you speak with him/her, you find that you are still not happy with the Realtor®, you can ask the Broker to be let out of your contract.  The Broker may suggest that you allow another Realtor® in the office or perhaps the Broker to take over the listing but if you simply want to sever all relations with that office, you should just be honest with the Broker and tell him/her that you want to fire them. Remember, you can also seek the help of an attorney at anytime. 

The most important thing a home owner should know when thinking of listing your home is, ask questions. Some of those questions should be : 

  • How long is the contract
  • What exactly will you be doing
  • How can I contact you
  • What are your hours
  • What are the office hours
  • Will I be dealing directly with you or do you have a team
  • Do you work full-time
  • Are you a Realtor® or a real estate agent
Having the answers to those questions and more will alleviate any future frustration and disappointment.  It will also allow you to know whether or not the Realtor® is doing the job for which you hired him/her to do.

So see, the Donald isn’t the only one who can say “you’re fired!”

If you have any questions for Renee, you can e-mail her at You can also comment on this article below. Renee Porsia, is an Associate Broker with RE/MAX Action and published author. 


3 thoughts on “Can You Fire Your Realtor®?

  1. Marlene says:

    You are correct most sellers do not know this and sadly to say majority of listing agents will not volunteer many of their rights. Thank you for writing it.


  2. Renee Porsia says:

    It’s also why Realtors® get a bad name. If the Realtor® is doing their job, they do not have to worry about being fired. They should also make sure to let the home owner know what exactly they do, don’t do and will not do. Thanks for the comment. 🙂


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