Hey! That Tree Can Kill You

Sure the beach is calming to look at and trees add beauty to your home but when Mother Nature gets angry and blows through your area, those two things that you sought out when you purchased your home become the very things that can do severe damage to your home but can ultimately kill you.  Suddenly, that beautiful two hundred year old oak tree in the front yard ends up in your bedroom or living room and your left with not only a beach front view outside but now the beach is in your house. Just ask someone who was in hurricane Sandy‘s path of destruction.

There is no doubt in my mind that our weather pattern over here on the East Coast has changed. We are getting bad storms that we haven’t seen for decades which means we are not prepared. We here on the East Coast are known for saying things like “its not coming”, “nothings gonna happen”, “not us.” This time, it was us and it seems more likely in the future, it’s going to be us a lot more now.

I try and inform my clients as much as I can during the buying process as to what they should be prepared for as new home owners such as maintaining their home, changing filters, insulation, insurance, mortgage payments, foreclosure etc., but I never really discussed bad storms or how to prepare for one. With the likes of Hurricane Irene and now Hurricane Sandy, I think it’s something that I will be seriously addressing from now on.

Renee Porsia is a REALTOR® Broker | Owner Sweet Digs Real Estate and published author.  If you would like to read more articles by Renee Porsia, or are interested in selling or buying a home in the Philadelphia, the Main Line, Bucks or Montgomery County areas or New Jersey, visit her website at www.reneeporsia.com or contact her directly at 215-669-0589 or in the office at 267-756-7065 (ask for Renee). You can also follow Renee on Twitter @sweetdigsre

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