Study Finds, News Is Bad For Our Health

bad-newsIf the media had it’s way, we would never leave our homes, we would be scared of absolutely everything and everyone, we would be afraid to drive, afraid of raindrops, clouds, stars, the moon, cars, planes, the sun, food, water, lotion, salad, animals, computers, phones, paper, air… (takes deep breath) lightbulbs, trees, money, the lack of money… (exhausted) you get the point right? The media’s sole purpose for being is to constantly scare us into watching only them “it could be the most deadly thing in the world and you may be having it for dinner, we’ll tell you what it is at 11:00”, Ellen Degeneres so hilariously pointed out. You would never hear them say, “when we come back a new study finds that news is bad for your health.” They are the megaphone to all things scary and they like it that way. So, I’ve decided, garbage in, garbage out and I made a conscious decision not to watch the news. I do put on my favorite news in the morning which is Good Day Philadelphia to get my daily dose of humor along with what’s happening in my area and around the world but then after that, no more news. There simply is no need to sit around and watch news from morning till night. If something horrible happens, I read about it on Twitter.

Used to be that the news was on once a day and now it’s on all day long on some stations and not only is it on, they have that annoying scroll at the bottom of the screen.

If you want something to be afraid of, be afraid of the news! All of that doom and gloom that they spew each and every minute of the day, is actually bad for your health. You hear it and then you stress over it and we all know that stress is extremely bad for our health according to WebMD. We need a break from all the horrible things happening in the world. Instead of watching so much news, we all should be reading a good book or watching something inspiring, motivating even. We should be learning. We are what we read, watch and listen to after all. Think of what we all could be accomplishing if we were all motivated every day instead of waking up to horror and I am not exaggerating when I say “instead of waking up to horror.” As soon as the news comes on in the morning you hear “while you were sleeping 5 people were shot to death, and on a lighter note a new study shows that clowns are not really happy” If you want to know what’s going on around the world, I suggest you create a Twitter account and follow some news stations/news media people, they give you your news in 140 characters or less and you can even communicate with them. Instant gratification. A win-win if you ask me.

Since I’ve stopped watching the news all of the time, I have not been as anxious as I usually was and I’ve been doing other things with my time, more productive things. Things that are actually good for me. We do not need the news telling us all day, every day that “it’s safe to go outside, it’s not safe to breath today, don’t spend your money, it’s time to buy a home, it’s not time to buy a home, homes are bad for your health.” What’s bad for our health is all this bad news and don’t worry, if you feel sad or depressed or even anxious the news has you covered there too, they have sponsors who come on and tell you you can take paxil, or Abilify, Celexa, Cymbalta or Prozac and then after you start taking them, the news will eventually tell you that long term use of any of those medications will eventually kill you or leave you in some horrific medical state. It’s a tragic vicious cycle so don’t buy into it anymore.

Do yourself a favor and turn the news off and you will find that you will feel better for doing it, I know I do.

Renée Porsia is an Associate Broker with Prudential Fox & Roach and published writer. If you would like to read more articles by Renée, go to Feel free to comment. Renée can be reached at

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