Home Owners Not Ready To Hear The Truth

When you want to sell your home it’s not about what you want or how you feel anymore. The time for those emotions have long passed. You had all those years to fix that hole in the basement wall that little Bobby made when he swung his bat, paint the walls, redo the kitchen or get those new carpets etc. It’s about something more now, its about your neighborhood, your neighbors, interest rates, location and the real estate market. This is what every home owner doesn’t seem to quite get.

I’ve learned a lot over these past 13 + years selling people’s homes. I’ve heard all of the reasons why I am wrong about the value of their home. Trust me, I’ve heard it all. But at the end of the day, though I may  not get every listing and I may not get every referral from friends and family, there is always that time when every home owner gets to the place when they just get it! They get what I tried to tell them 6 months prior when I told them their home was not worth what they thought it was worth or hoped it was worth or wished it was worth and went with that other agent. Yes, some other real estate agent may have gotten the credit and earned a pay check all those months and long hours later and yes, it does hurt me and frustrate me but it’s all part of the real estate business and in this business, reputation is everything. And trust me, that home owner is talking shi…itake soup about that agent and how long it took “them” to sell their home! Been there, done that!

Do I wish I could wave a magic wand and the masses would listen to me? Hell….en of Troy, YES! But lets face it, that’s not going to happen any time soon so all I can do is the best I can and be the expert that I know that I am to my friends, family and clients.

However, home owners need to get to that place much sooner than 6 months to a year later because it’s costing them thousands of dollars. If I had a dollar for every time I said to a home owner, “the longer your home sits on the market, the less you will get for it”, I sincerely would be extremely rich by now!  I don’t just say that to hear myself talk or throw away business.  I say it because I’ve seen it over and over again, there is proof of it all over the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). I bring that information with me whenever I go on a listing appointment and put it right in front of them but yet, they still think that they know more than me and that I don’t know what I am talking about.

The job of a real estate agent is not to just throw signs on a home owner’s lawn and let buyers into homes, contrary to popular belief. The value of a true expert can only be appreciated from their knowledge and core values. When a real estate agent is willing to walk away from a home owner’s listing, that is a true sign of an expert and professional. Real estate agents are unemployed every single day until they are hired by the next home owner or buyer so trust me when I tell you that we don’t want to walk away from business.

Maybe the entire real estate profession has failed consumers because there are so many agents who will do anything to get the listing including inflating a home’s value just to win over the home owner and that is extremely sad (not to mention, unethical) because when someone like me shows up and breaks the tragic but painfully true news to the home owner that their home is worth less than they thought, it just falls on deaf ears so-to-speak and the listing goes to the agent who is knowingly lying to them.

So, if you are thinking of putting your home on the market, be ready to hear the truth. Your home becomes a product that you are selling and you can’t be emotional. If you are at the stage where you are saying things like “I need to get this much out of my  home in order to buy another home” or “if my neighbor got this much for their home, I can definitely get this much” or “my home is much larger than the others on this block”, you may not be ready to sell your home and thats ok. If you don’t have to sell, don’t sell. Your home is not an ATM machine, it is  an investment and sometimes that investment goes up in value and sometimes it goes down. Find a great real estate agent who will be there to keep you informed of your value through the years so that you can make an informed, non-emotional decision when you are ready to sell because at the end of the day, those emotions can wind up costing you thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars and oh, stay away from agents who yes you to death!

Renée Porsia, is an Associate Broker with Remax and published Author. Renée Porsia works with home buyers and sellers in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery Counties and New Jersey.  If you would like to read more articles by Renée Porsia, visit her website at http://www.reneeporsia.com. To contact Renée Porsia directly call her at  (215) 669-0589 or email her at reneeporsia@mac.com


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