The New Way Realtors Conduct Business Is Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

If you expect real estate agents to drop everything they are doing to run out and meet you at a vacant property, think again. If it wouldn’t be safe for you or your family to do, don’t expect Realtors to do it either. That’s the new way professional Realtors are conducting business these days and they want you to know it.  

 Fan of open houses? Say goodbye to those too because they can become a thing of the past.  You might be surprised to learn that real estate agents don’t hold open houses to sell your home. They use your home as their office for a few hours with the hope of finding new clients. Many agents sitting at the open house know nothing about your home because they aren’t your agent. They are typically newer real estat agents who have little to no business and were chosen by the listing agent to sit at the open so your agent can stay at home with their family on Sundays. Not to mention, open houses open the door (pun intended) to all kinds of bad things. Strangers are given complete access to your home to steal your belongings, your medications, your identity, cause harm to the real estate agent, and find a way to come back later long after your open door to the entire neighborhood has closed. 

It took a long time but finally professionalism and safety have caught up with the real estate industry. After the senseless murders of 20 real estate agents across the country, the real estate industry has woken up and taken notice of just how unsafe being a real estate agent can be when you don’t conduct business safely.

If you’ve ever had to meet with anyone professional, you’ve had to first schedule an appointment to meet them at an office and that should have never been any different when it came to real estate. Meeting strangers at homes, knowing nothing about them, not even their names most times, is not a way to conduct business for anyone. When a buyer is serious about the home buying process, they never ever have an issue with scheduling an appointment to come into the office first. You can always tell the difference between a buyer who really wants to buy and someone who probably will never buy. The person who probably will never buy a home will become defensive, demand to see a property and even be rude as soon as you ask them when they want to come in to the office. Whereas the person who is serious about the home buying process will want to gather as much information as they can and can’t wait to schedule an appointment. 

There are still those real estate agents out there who will still pick up the phone and ask nothing of the person on the other end except, what time do you want me to meet you at the home? In my opinion, those are the types of real estate agents who just have no respect for themselves or their families and they are not professional. The only thing in their mind at that moment is money. When you care about money more than you care about your own safety and your family, it is a recipe for disaster. 

So, what can you expect if you want to see homes with a professional real estate agent:

1. Expect to first, schedule an appointment to meet with the real estate agent in an office; 

2. Expect to be asked to provide a copy of your driver’s license or photo ID with your current address;

3.  Expect to provide the make and model of your car;

4. Expect to get approved for a mortgage;

If you feel that is bizarre or insane, that’s fine but then just don’t expect to be seeing any homes.

This is not rocket science. If you have children and wouldn’t want your child to get into a car with a stranger or meet them at an empty home, don’t expect someone else’s child to do it either. Stranger danger is not just something we teach 5 year olds. 

Real estate just got real… Finally!


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