What Your Real Estate Agent Really Does At Your Open House


What do you think your agent does during your open houses?  Let’s see…  they have 3-4 hours to kill in your empty home. What do you think they do?  If you think they are working, think again.

I’ve heard all kinds of stories from peeking through your underwear drawers to making lunch for themselves. Yes.. it’s true.

I recently heard a story about an agent who (pardon the expression) took a dump and the toilet wouldn’t flush so he threw the evidence out the window. face-screaming-in-fear I heard another story about an agent who tried on an owner’s clothes.

And I am just talking about the things real estate agents do.. I didn’t even talk about what strangers do. If you don’t want to picture your agent wearing your clothes, taking a dump on your toilet, price your home right and don’t allow open houses.


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