Your Afternoon Quickie



When you hire a Realtor you want to make sure of 3 things:

They are an expert negotiator
They have great communication skills
They are professional

Selling or buying a home is about negotiating and if you hire someone who does not feel comfortable in confrontational situations, or is uncomfortable with saying no, you will lose a lot of money when your agent gives in to whatever the other side asks for.

Also, if your agent can not communicate effectively or professionally, don’t expect your offer if you are a buyer, to get accepted or even considered. This also applies to non verbal communication because there are times when your agent needs to construct a letter. If your agent can’t spell, can’t use proper punctuation or be grammatically correct, you will lose out on that dream home or lose that buyer for your home.

I also deal with many unprofessional Realtors on a daily basis. You need to find out how your agent handles themselves when under pressure. If you hire a hot head and during negotiations after a home inspection while not in your presence, your deal could blow up behind your back all because your agent can’t separate personal from professional. If your agent takes everything the other side is saying personally or doesn’t like the other agent, they will put their own interests before yours. After all, the reason sellers and buyers need to hire Realtors is because the agent isn’t supposed to have any emotional ties to the situation.

Keep these things in mind before you hire your next Realtor. And that is your morning quickie this afternoon.

Renee Porsia is a REALTOR® Broker | Owner Sweet Digs Real Estate and published author.  If you would like to read more articles by Renee Porsia, or are interested in selling or buying a home in the Philadelphia, the Main Line, Bucks or Montgomery County areas or New Jersey, visit her website at or contact her directly at 215-669-0589 or in the office at 267-756-7065 (ask for Renee). You can also follow Renee on Twitter @sweetdigsre

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