Your Afternoon Quickie

When you see a Realtor’s signs all over, consumers believe that that Realtor is the one to call. In actuality, it’s just the opposite. If you sit and think about it, it actually makes sense really. If a for sale sign is outside of a home, it means it didn’t sell yet. The more signs, the more unhappy sellers that agent has.

If you don’t believe me, just ask the agent how long it takes for their listings to sell or if you know the owner, just ask them. You can also just try to keep track yourself by watching how long the home sits on the market.

Rather than becoming just another free advertisement for the agent, find another agent who’s listings have sold rather quickly. By quickly I mean within 3-6 months. Obviously, the quicker the better. The longer a home sits on the market, the lower the sale ( Just because an agent doesn’t have any listings doesn’t mean they are a bad Realtor. You want the agent to have as little listings as possible. The less listings an agent has, the more attention yours will get.

Think of it as a sign when all you see are a Realtor’s signs all over your area.

Think of Sweet Digs for your next real estate transaction.

Renee Porsia is a REALTOR® Broker | Owner Sweet Digs Real Estate and published author. If you would like to read more articles by Renee Porsia, or are interested in selling or buying a home in the Philadelphia, the Main Line, Bucks or Montgomery County areas or New Jersey, visit her website at or contact her directly at 215-669-0589 or in the office at 267-756-7065 (ask for Renee). You can also follow Renee on Twitter @sweetdigsre


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