New Real Estate Company Changing The Game In Philadelphia And The Suburbs

tech-savvyBy Renee Porsia | January 6, 2016 4:00 PM |

Real estate just got real. Home buyers and sellers should rejoice as they now have another option to choose from other than the same old real estate companies. Sweet Digs Real Estate is a real game changer in Philadelphia and the suburbs with it’s fresh, consumer centric, modern take on the real estate market.

With it’s main office situated in Newtown, PA, Sweet Digs prides itself on accomodating the consumer.  It’s all about what is convenient for our clients. If they need to settle at their new house, done, if they want to settle at their place of business, done. We want our clients to be treated like a VIP in every way possible so we will go out of our way to see that happens.


As the owner and CEO of Sweet Digs Real Estate, I wanted to be different in every single way. I wanted to provide services that would benefit the client, not myself or other real estate agents. So for that reason, we do not practice dual agency.

Dual agency occurs when a real estate agent represents both the buyer and seller at the same time on the same home and then gets to keep “all the money” rather than just “some of the money” for representing only the buyer or the seller. When an agent gets to keep “all the money” it always clouds their judgment (yes it does) and then someone always gets hurt (and they do)

For instance, the seller’s air conditioner breaks and the seller doesn’t want the agent to tell the buyer but the agent ALSO represents the buyer and now the whole sale might fall through and the agent stands to loose “all the money” so what’s an agent to do with all that money on the line?  I know what they are legally supposed to do but I have to say that money can really make agents do bad things. I never liked dual agency. It’s not in the client’s best interest. However it is in the agent and agent’s office’s best interest.


Here at Sweet Digs, buyers and sellers won’t ever have to worry that their agent is literally selling them down the river when they hire Sweet Digs because the agents never, ever practice dual agency. Futhermore, Sweet Digs will never, ever charge more than our 3% fee to our clients for “our’ services. No one at Sweet Digs will ever be a double agent so-to-speak. We are a one client at a time real estate company. Our client is always our first priortiy.

Most real estate companies have a way around this whole dual agency phenomenon. They will say they don’t practice dual agency and part of that may be true. The agents won’t represent both clients for the same home but the OFFICE will. What does that mean? It means that two agents work in the same office. Agent A lists a home and a buyer sees the home for sale and now wants to see it. Agent A won’t show the buyer the home because they don’t practice dual agency BUT agent B who also works in the same office as agent A will show the home. TWO BIRDS ONE STONE! And if you think agent A and B don’t talk to each other in the office, I have some swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you. Whala, the office does in fact practice dual agency. The office gets to keep “all of the money.” Sweet Digs does not practice or condone dual agency as an office or individually.


So, what happens when a buyer wants to purchase a listing of Sweet Digs?  Great question! In this case, a buyer would need to secure a buyer agent from a totally different office to represent their best interests because Sweet Digs is already representing the seller’s best interest. By having buyers of our listings do this, this ensures that a buyer will get fair representation from a company who has no affiliation with Sweet Digs Real Estate. Neither agent works in the same office so no confidential information can “accidentally” get into the other sides hands. And really, why wouldn’t any buyer want to have fair, EQUAL representation of their own?  Though we don’t want to confuse anyone, this doesn’t mean that we do not represent buyers, we do, just not for our own listings.

I’ve worked for many of the other well known brick and mortar real estate companies over the years and every single one of them practiced dual agency so Sweet Digs is really changing the game and offering a service that almost no other real estate company is offering. We could quite actually be the one and only company in the Philadelphia and suburbs offering single agency representation.

This is huge and a huge, huge advantage for buyers and sellers. It means sellers have a much higher probability of getting a higher price for their home and a buyer has a much higher probability of getting a home for a much lower price when they hire Sweet Digs since their agent will be negotiating hard for only them whereas when an agent is a dual agent they are NOT allowed to negotiate for either side giving one side an advantage over the other.

We really are changing and restacking the barr in the real estate industry.  We are saying to the industry, we value our clients more than we value money and we are making a promise to our clients that we will never throw them under the bus for the sake of money. This is something you really never see in the real estate industry.

About The Author: Renee Porsia is a paralegal, has been a Realtor for over 16 years, is a published author, expert negotiator and passionate blogger. Sweet Digs services Philadelphia and the suburbs. If you are looking to sell or buy a home and would like more information, contact Sweet Digs


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